Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crawling and dancing

So I am a little bummed because I had other videos that I wanted to post but blogger did not cooperate tonight...oh well.
Anyway, Anaïs has been getting really good at the whole army crawl thing. As most of you know, achon kids usually skip the conventional crawling and do the army crawl...pretty cute! She wants to explore and touch EVERYTHING!!!! This is a change for me because Sam was so good at not touching things when she was little, I never had to childproof our home with Sam, she just wouldn't touch things. I have a feeling things might be different with Anaïs...LOL

Check her out:

As for Sam, you all know she has been into Hannah Montana and stuff like that lately...I know, what happened to my little baby right?? Anyway, I had asked my mom to bring Sam some french music that was kind of the equivalent of Hannah Montana over there because I really try to keep Sam submerged in french (music, dvd's, books etc...) Well my mom brought a CD from a singer named Lorie who is very popular in France with all the young girls, here is the cover of her album:Well...let me tell you...IT WAS A HIT!!!!!!! Sam LOVED her and already knows all the songs by heart, she can't get enough of Lorie...LOL She listens to that CD all day long and spends hours dancing and singing. I took so many videos of her dancing but for some reason I haven't been able to download them on the blog...this is the only one that would work. It's too bad because you can't really see her dancing as she is on her bed...

I will try to make other videos of her and see if I can get them on here.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


This morning for breakfast I gave Anaïs some mandarin oranges and some fresh blackberries. I wasn't anticipating the mess she was about to make. I usually let her eat her breakfast since she likes to do it herself. When I came downstairs to check on her, here is what I found...DISASTER! LOL!
She had blackberries EVERYWHERE!
At this point, we were past the wet wipes stage, only a bath would do it...
Sam had fun helping me wash Anaïs.
All clean now!
She loved the blackberries though.

Lately she has been getting so much better at moving around. She wants to explore and touch everything.
I am so lucky because Sam and Anaïs play so well together, Sam is like a little mommy with her, she is an amazing big sister! She always takes care of Anaïs and always wants to play with her. My girls are the best!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My mom the tourist...LOL

My mom has been in Vegas MANY times considering we've been here for almost 4 years and yet she still wants to do all the touristic stuff. :) It's all good though, I am totally fine with that, I think it's funny. Last night we went out to dinner on the strip to a french restaurant called Mon Ami Gabi because the outdoor patio is located right across the Fountains of the Bellagio which my mom LOVES!!! What tourist doesn't? ;) We had a nice dinner, it was very relaxing.
Here is the view from our table.
This morning, we took Sam to the pool while Anaïs stayed home with Jeff. It has been way too hot for Anaïs to come to the pool with us, I think it was around 114 degrees today! Sam was so funny because she wanted to wear her goggles AND her sunglasses on the way to the pool...check her out!
Tonight, my mom wanted to go to Fremont street, the old Las Vegas downtown area. I don't know why but she just loves that place...LOL! :)
We had dinner there and then walked around.

That's it for today!

Friday, July 17, 2009

A good heart!

We are back from Salt Lake with good news: Anaïs' echocardiogram was perfectly normal as well as her hearing test! It was such a relief to hear that. For some reason I wasn't too worried about her echocardiogram but I kind of thought that she would have had hearing loss because of her previous ear infections. She had to have general anesthesia for it all and as always she did really good. This is her about 2 hours after waking up...happy as can be! Besides that, we didn't do too much since we only stayed 2 days there, but we sure had some time to take some fun pictures. :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Central Park and our day today!

I forgot to post some pictures of our last day in New-York. We went to Central Park and the zoo. I LOVED Central Park, I would so love to live right by it. I know I know...VERY expensive dream! lol
The area around Central Park was so pretty!
I thought the zoo was great too! They had lots of fun animals and a petting zoo area.

I had to bribe my mom to pose for this picture! lol

It is amazing to walk through such a huge park and still be in the city, you actually forget you are in NYC when you're there! I really loved New-York! I know it's not realistic for me to want to live there considering how expensive it is but every time I go to a city it reminds me of how I grew up and how much I love the city!! I love how rich and diverse the culture is in a city, there is nothing I hate more than being in a place where everybody is the boring!
Well, today we went shopping! We went to the outlets here in's impossible to go there without spending money. lol
We went out to lunch and Anaïs had a great time eating broccoli, she loves them!
Then we went a little crazy with the

It was a great day! Anyone who knows my mom and I knows that we LOOOOOVE to shop!!!
Any day with shopping is a happy one. :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NYC...tons of pictures!!!

WOW!!!!! We have been so busy!! I can barely find time to sit down for a second! I am sooooo tired but Jeff is forcing me to update the blog! ;)
Well, too many things are happening here for me to even try to go into details about our days...So here are a couple highlights.
Today, Anais and I met Amy Roloff from Little People Big World!!! I was so excited to meet her!! She was so nice and you could tell that she really cares about talking to other parents about raising a LP child. She talked to Anais, asked me about her health and development and told me a couple of her own experiences with her family. I really enjoyed meeting her! What a nice lady!
Here are some pictures of the welcome reception. It was a lot of fun for the kids, they had games, face painting, tattoos, great food and LOTS of dancing! We got to hang out with our blogging friends which was great! I just realized that I didn't take pictures of them though :( I am sure they will post pictures on their blogs!

We also went to the World Trade Center Museum which was very interesting and very moving...something everybody should go see! Here is where the towers used to be:

All the victims of September 11th 2001:

This is South Street Seaport where we took a boat ride to go see the Statue of Liberty:

Check out how static my hair was! LOL!!!

This is Time Square, I think my mom really loved it!

That's it for today...Sorry that I'm not writing too much, it's late and I'm exhausted!!! We are having a BLAST!!!! We are meeting so many people here at the convention, it's feels like one big family!