Sunday, June 24, 2012

American Girl camp

Last week Sam did a camp based around American Girl dolls. They made lots of crafts and made accessories for their dolls. Lately Sam has been obsessed with American Girl dolls, pretty sure she had the time of her life during this camp. At the end of the week, parents were invited to a small musical performance. Sam was dressed as a pioneer for the performance.

Lots of fun for her. I always enjoy being involved in things like this. Love her to death.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mexico trip

We got back from our Mexico vacation four days ago. It was great to just get to relax for a week! Here is the beach:

 The pool at our hotel:

 Boat ride to downtown Puerto Vallarta:

 Beach time:

 And someone had a birthday there!!!

 Yes, Anaïs turned 4 on June 6th. I can't believe she is already 4 years old!!! She had a fun day: cake, presents, cousins to play with...

 and even balloon hats for the whole family that night! What a fun day for my baby girl.

We had a wonderful time!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Figure Skating club spring banquet

Last week was the Figure Skating Club of Park City spring banquet. Sam had been looking forward to it because she was going to be awarded with  an "axel rose", a red rose for the skaters who have landed their axel (the hardest jump in skating) this past season. It meant a lot for her as she has been working so hard this year.
 Proud moment for her!

Field Day at school

On the last week of school, Sam and Anaïs' school hosts what they call Field Day "the Olympics". Preschool does a obstacle course and other fun things with their class and the rest of the school does "the Olympics". The school is divided by teams, each team has kids from ALL grades/ages mixed in which is great for school spirit and encourages a culture of supporting and encouraging each other as a whole.
Here is pictures of Anais' class doing the obstacle course. I must say that physically she could not do much BUT she did not feel discouraged at all and with my help, the PE teacher's help and her main teacher's help she was happy the whole time and barely year as she gets older might be a different story but I guess we will deal with situations like this as they come up.

 After the obstacle course, they released the butterflies they had watched the past few weeks.

 After that it was lunch time and time to say goodbye to Anaïs and time for me to hurry to go meet Sam for the "olympics" with the rest of the school.
They had to do various games and was a lot of fun!!!

 Three legged race:

 Frisbee toss:

 Tug of war:

 Potato sack race:

 Water volleyball:

 And a summer day would not be complete without a popsicle...
 or two :)

Now the school year is over, summertime!!! :) Can't believe I have a 3rd grader and a junior Kindergarten!!