Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mount Charleston

Tonight we went for a BBQ up at Mount Charleston with some of our friends. It's about a 45 min drive from Vegas and it's so much cooler up there, it was actually pretty cold! It was quite an interesting evening...The site we usually go to was closed, I guess because the summer season is now officially over. So here we are, up in the mountains with nowhere to go! Keep in mind that all of us had kids in the car who were starving and very impatient to get out and play in the mountains! We found a camping site but the manager wouldn't let us stay unless we stayed overnight...we even told him we would pay the overnight fee but I guess he just didn't feel like being nice and told us we couldn't have a picnic if we didn't camp. Matt, one of our friends got into an argument with the guy and I swear that was the highlight of the evening, it was so funny!!!
Anyway, we finally found a picnic site and had a great time!

Sam was very excited to get a chance to wear her new winter hat!

Matt and Jeff grilling the hot dogs

The kids all had fun and loved every second of it!

Jeff and his two princesses

My girlfriends! I love these girls they are amazing friends!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Strike!! Oh wait...

Nope, no strikes for us today!
Today we went bowling at the Red Rock hotel/casino. Jeff is usually pretty good at bowling but for some reason today was not a good day. As for me, I suck all the time! LOL
Sam loves bowling, she has so much fun everytime we go.
Here is Sam playing by the fountain in front of the Hotel. I just love this hotel, it is so pretty and so far from the craziness of the Strip...most of the people who go there are locals.

Anaïs was patiently waiting while her big sister was having some fun by the water!
Sam was very excited to go bowling! She knows exactly what to do...she a pro!

Of course at some point she got in trouble, I can't even remember why...LOL

After bowling we had some well deserved pizza and ice cream!

After all that, we went for a walk at Red Rock Canyon, which is just 5 minutes away. It is SO beautiful up there, we love it!!! We always say that one day we would love to build our dream house on a lot up there. It is such a peaceful place and yet you are literally 5 minutes away from everything.

When we drove home, Sam even got to drive in our neighborhood! Needless to say that she loved it!
Oh, just in case you were wondering what Anaïs was doing during all this, here is your answer: sleep, sleep and sleep!!! LOL

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fun fun fun!

Today we went to the Summerlin art festival (Summerlin is the name of our community here in Vegas). It was soooo hot!! I swear it was at least 100F. Because of the heat we really didn't stay too long. The festival was at a park so we also let Sam play on the playground for a little while. We then left and had to go buy a couple things at Wal-mart...Jeff actually came with us. For those of you who know Jeff, you know he doesn't do shopping...especially crazy places like Wal-mart! After that we went home and had some fun taking pictures. Sam absolutely loves taking pictures, she never wants to stop!

Sam and I in our backyard right before going to the art festival.

Sam posing with Summerlin Sam (the Summerlin mascot, all the kids know and love him)

Sam having fun on the swing. I know, she's a little old to be on the baby swing but the other swings were taken and she just couldn't wait...Sam and her legendary patience! LOL

Anaïs enjoying some Daddy time

Sam and her stubborn look, she totally reminds me of me on this picture! LOL

My girls and I...I love these moments when we just have fun with the camera!

Sam was acting all crazy for the camera!

Anaïs hanging out on her new toy, she loves it!