Thursday, January 24, 2013

My mom's trip and Christmas

I have been slacking off in the blogging department lately. :(
I am finally getting around to posting some pictures of my mom's visit during the holidays. We had such a good time with her in town and the girls are always so excited to spend time with her.
Here are two very excited and impatient girls waiting for her at the airport:

 We did lots of shopping... A LOT!

 We also went on the Polar Express which was really fun because it was the first year of Anaïs fully understanding the concept of Christmas and Santa.

 Look at the joy in her eyes when she saw sweet!

 We got to spend time in both girls' classroom for their holiday parties:

 And then of course...Christmas:

 Sam's big present was an I-Touch...she has been wanting one forever!
 And Anaïs' big present was an American Girl doll:
It was a great holiday season spent with the ones I love!