Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sam's science fair

 Sam has her science fair yesterday at school. She worked on an experiment called Stop Rot to demonstrate how things around the house like soap, sugar and salt could be used as preservative to prevent the apple from rotting. She did a really good job and had fun with it. My mom had just gotten in from France so it was extra fun having her there.

 Anaïs also had fun hanging out with everyone.

 Here is Miss Popularity with a bunch of boys...typical of her! lol

Great job Sam!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Utah Winter Games 2012

Yesterday Sam had her skating competition at the UT Winter Games. She has been working really hard on her skating lately and I am glad to see that it paid off, she took first place! She was very excited and proud of herself. Needless to say that we are so very proud of her and so happy to see that she has found her passion.

 Watching other skaters...too bad my camera made the pictures look a greenish color...
 Getting ready in the locker room...
 Warm up session right before competing:

 Waiting for the results...

 First place!!!!

Another great skating day...now on to the next competition in March in Jackson Hole, Wyoming!!