Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jackson Hole competition

I am finally motivated enough to upload all the pictures from Sam's skating competition in Jackson Hole, WY. It was the first time we traveled for a competition and I see a lot more coming in the future. It was a lot of fun, but also quite hectic. I drove with the girls there and Jeff met us the day after that because we could not miss school.
Here is Sam and two of her skating friends checking out the rink there for the first time. Her first skating event was an improv event. The judges played a random music only twice and then the skater has to improvise a program.
The Park City skaters in the locker room getting ready for improv:
 Anaïs is ALWAYS part of the group!
 Her and the younger siblings of the other skaters have become pretty good friends. :)
 The skaters and our wonderful coach, Tiffany:
 Like I said...pretty good friends! LOL
 Sam's improv:

 Miss Sam took first place!

 Then later that same day, we had to get ready for Sam's freestyle event, which is the important one. It is when they are judged on skating skills and technique.
 Right before her turn. Let me just say this : SHE WAS NERVOUS!
 Last pep talk with her coach...
 Here she goes...she skates to the song "Here comes the sun" by Sheryl Crow, originally from the Beatles.

 Waiting for the results...
 And she got first place again! :)
 Since the competition was on St Patricks week-end, there was a party with a "dress up your coach in green" contest. That was a really fun time!!
 We dressed up our coach in this ridiculously crazy green shamrock...Tiffany was such a good sport about it all!! It was hilarious!! Full face covering body suit and all!!
 Sam and her coach:

 Then some dancing...

 Anaïs even won a green tie! We improvised and tied a napkin around her neck and she won! lol
 Sam got third place in the green tie contest thanks to my
 And of course we on the "dress up your coach contest"!! Look at that costume! lol

 Then on the last day, it was showcase event. That is the fun one. The skaters are not so much judged on their skating but more on costumes, props, entertainment, music etc... Sam's program is Strawberry Shortcake.

 Here she goes...

 She took second place!

 We drove back home that same was one fun and busy week-end!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

My moms visit.

My mom left yesterday after spending three great weeks here. We had a wonderful time and it is always nice to have her here. Sadly, we did not take a lot of pictures at all!! These are all I took.
The next two pictures pretty much sum up her time here: just hanging out and having fun with the girls. The girls love to have her here because she spends a lot of time playing with them.

 One night we took Sam and her friend to Stars On Ice, a skating show. We also did some shopping during the day...that's something my mom and I do a! :)

Then we also spent a week in Vegas because my mom just loves going there. I have to say that it was great getting a break from the cold weather, what a treat for us!

 I personally can't go to Vegas without going to Red Rock Canyon and...

 getting frozen yogurt at U-Swirl! :)

Great times, as always! Next time we will see her is in July when the girls and I go there! :)