Sunday, March 29, 2009

A princess needs her beauty sleep!

This afternoon Sam wanted to play with her princess castles and wanted to get Anaïs involved in the process. I think Anaïs enjoyed chewing on a couple toys for a while...

But it looks like she lost interest. In the middle of it all she started snoring! LOL!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why do we love Joe's Crab Shack?

Well, because while Jeff and I eat, relax and talk, this is what Sam does:
They have a cute outside patio with a great playground for kids! We live 5 minutes from the restaurant and every time the weather is nice during a week-end, we usually go have lunch or dinner there!
The weather was perfect today so we went there for lunch.

After lunch, we went to the movies to see Monsters vs Aliens, it was really cute. Sam was so into it! On the other hand poor Anaïs got a little sick during the movie...she felt really warm and was probably running a low fever. She slept during most of the movie and then started feeling much better once we got home. It is still challenging for me to realize how hot she gets ALL THE TIME!!! I know this is very typical for kids with achondroplasia. I think she might have gotten too hot because she was actually wearing pants today...
Anyway, we had a pretty good day. :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sleep study #2 accomplished!

It's done! Anaïs had her sleep study last night.
We kind of had a rough night...
We got there around 8:00, I fed her some vegetables and then the nurses started to hook her up to all these wires...Anaïs was not too happy about it! At first, they were able to distract her with some toys but then she quickly understood what was going on!
By the time they started sticking stuff on her head, she was pissed.
As soon as she was hooked up, I gave her a bottle to calm her down and to help her fall asleep.
She has had a stuffy nose for several weeks (I can't get rid of it!!) and that was really hard on her last night because as you can see she had a cannula in her nose and it kept on getting all clogged up. The nurses had to unclog it several times during the night which means Anaïs woke up pissed off every time...

Overall, it went ok, but I sure am glad it's over! They said we should get the results in about 3 weeks, I hope the results will be better this time around!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Today Sam didn't have to wear her uniform at school and the kids were supposed to wear green clothes of course! :)
They had a classroom party filled with some fun St Patrick's Day activities. They made breakfast and had cookies. Here is Sam with some of her classmates and Mrs Wagner, her teacher.
After school we went to a St Patrick's Day playdate at a friend's house where Sam got to do a craft. She made a puppet out of of paper bag.
She made it 100% on her own, I did not help her at all! I was so impressed, she did a great job!! She was pretty proud of herself as you can see. :)
Oh...Anaïs and I wore our green outfits too. :)

Also, this is too cute...I just had to post it on the blog. Sam decided to sing a song to Anaïs to tell her how much she loves her.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nice weather!

The weather was gorgeous this week-end so we took advantage of it and did some fun things outside. Jeff is just getting over a pretty bad ear infection and has been stuck in bed for the past couple days.
Yesterday, we took the girls to Bonnie Springs Ranch. It's an old western town and it has a petting zoo and a little train ride. The train ride was Sam's favorite part. I think Anaïs enjoyed it too, she loved the wind hitting her little face.

The petting zoo there is a lot of fun because some animals are in their cages and some others are just walking around. They sell some food to feed the animals which of course is so much fun for the kids.

When we saw this peacock, Sam literally had to chase it for me to be able to take this picture. We finally managed to corner it. LOL!
By the end of the day, Anaïs was asleep and Sam...well Sam had just as much energy as when we got there! LOL!!

Today, we had a relaxing morning at home and then headed to the park.

I LOVE this picture of Anaïs pulling her tongue out to Jeff and Sam, it is just too cute!
Well, that's pretty much it for this week-end...
This coming Wednesday we leave for Salt Lake City for about a week. Anaïs has a sleep study scheduled for Friday night and has an orthopedic check-up appt at Shriners the following Tuesday.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

YES!!! Finally!!!!

I seriously started to wonder if this moment was EVER going to happen with Anaïs! LOL!!!
She is finally able to hold her bottle!!! For all of you moms out there, you know how nice it is when they can hold their bottle, it gives you so much more flexibility! She just started doing this so she still needs me to hold it for her 90% of the time but I am very excited, another milestone for my baby!! She is doing great, I am so proud of her.
Also, today she had her 9 months check up and she is doing really good. She is right at the 50th percentile for height on the achondroplasia chart, 40th percentile for head and about 30th percentile for weight. I am very happy about these measurements.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Anaïs loves bananas!

See for yourself...

Don't mind the french speaking. LOL

*Please mute music at the bottom of the page before viewing the video. :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just us girls...

Jeff has been out of town these last couple days so the girls and I are keeping busy. Yesterday we had a BBQ at the park with all our friends, it was such a nice day outside! Right before leaving the house I tried to take a couple pictures of us because I knew that once we got to the park things would get busy and Sam would be too busy playing to take pictures.

We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and had plenty of other yummy food!

Today, we stayed home and really didn't do much. Sam and Anaïs were both in a pretty good mood and they laughed a lot throughout the day. I just love how Anaïs' personality is really starting to come out! She LOVES grabbing her feet and putting them in her mouth. I am amazed how flexible she is, she can do crazy stuff with those legs!! I guess it's pretty typical for achon kids to be so flexible.

Also, today Anaïs had pineapple for the first time and she loved it!! She was so funny because I would hold a big piece by her mouth and she would suck on it as if it was a bottle.

Here she is looking full and satisfied...LOL
As you can see, we had a pretty good week-end but we are really missing Jeff!!!