Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Today we went to a place where you can scuba dive and snorkel in salt water with all kinds of fish and even sharks. Jeff loves diving and Sam tried snorkeling for the first time.

Jeff's sister Heather was in town with her three girls who Sam loves SO much. Sam always wants to do everything they do. Here is Sam getting in the water with Heather:

Heather, Sam and her three cousins:

Even Anaïs got to swim a little bit although she preferred staying out of the water with me.

It was a really fun thing to do and I think it is safe to say everyone had fun.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Busy summer days!

The last couple days have been really busy for us. We are trying to get ready for our trip to France and Spain but we have been doing too many fun things. Yesterday, Sam really wanted to go swimming with her cousins who are in town from Idaho. She even tried the diving board and had a blast jumping off of it.

Then after the pool, we had plans to go get drinks and dinner with my french girlfriends and their kids. We went to get drink at the St Regis in Deer Valley. It is just beautiful up there. Here is the view from their outdoor patio:

Sam and Anaïs had fun with their friends.

They got to run around in the grass and loved every minute of it.

The glass elevator was probably their favorite thing up there:

Taking a break while waiting for the valet to bring our car:

Then we went out to dinner to have pizza and ice cream...doesn't get much better than that :)

Sam had so much fun at the pool yesterday she insisted on going back today. This time Anaïs got to swim too. Sam decided to try to high diving board!!!

She did great!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ear tube surgery #2

Today Anaïs had to get a second set of ear tubes since hers fell out a couple months ago. Anesthesia is always a concern with kids with achondroplasia so we are always a little nervous when she has surgery or MRI's.
The worst part for her was the pre-op when they looked in her throat, she HATES that.

Then she got to put on her hospital pj's and had some time to play with some toys while waiting for her surgery time:

The surgery was quick, the doctor did say that she had some built up fluid in her ears that he was able to drain.

She was happy to get some apple juice in the recovery room.

She did great what a relief!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer concert at the Canyons

Tonight we went to the first summer concert at the Canyons of the year. We always have a good time just being outside in the fresh air and enjoying nature. The girls love taking the ski lift. We just take a blanket, have a picnic and just hang out.

Of course, we have to get a snow cone ;)

Ride back down in the lift:

Great summer night in Park City.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

First tooth lost!

She has been waiting for this for about two years now! All her classmates except for one other girl and Sam had lost several teeth and Sam was waiting patiently (well most of the time lol) to lose her first. She lost her tooth right before bedtime and was beyond excited.

Looks like the tooth fairy will be stopping by tonight.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

2011 LPA national convention in California.

Here are pictures from the 2011 Little People of America convention in Anaheim, CA. We spend 6 days there and had such a good time with our LPA friends and family. The best part was just hanging out at the hotel with other LPA families and let the kids play. It is such a wonderful experience for Anaïs to be around other little people.

What was really nice too is that the average height siblings are also forming great friendships, like Sam and Ashleigh who has a little brother with achondroplasia, just like Anaïs.

Anaïs with Aiden (Ashleigh's brother):

OK...here is Anaïs and Peyton. They are the same age and both have achondroplasia. They are just ADORABLE together...look at them!

I am SO excited for Anaïs, we bought her a custom made tricycle. Kids with achondroplasia have really short legs and arms so it's pretty much impossible for them to ride regular tricycles. They had a vendor at the convention who makes tricycles...what an amazing thing for our kids. When you have a "different" child, the things that seem so simple to everyone else can be impossible, like riding a tricycle at school with their friends. I am very happy she will be able to experience these moments that every child deserves to experience. Here she is getting measured:

Ashleigh and Sam getting ready for the 4th of July party:

The 4th of July party was great! They had so many fun things for the kids: hair coloring, face painting, crafts, games, balloons, petting zoo and so much more.

Of course, we couldn't go to Anaheim without going to Disneyland! We spent a day there and we all had a great time...didn't take very many pictures there though...

Space Mountain was definitely Sam's favorite ride!

They loved standing on the air conditioning vent:

Great convention! Can't wait for the next one!