Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let it snow!

For the last two days we have been getting a lot of snow! Sam loves it, especially being so close to Christmas! Here she is today playing in front of our place in Salt Lake.

I wanted to get a picture of both girls in the snow, but as you can see in the picture Anaïs wasn't into it...LOL

Also, two days ago Sam and I made a gingerbread house while Anaïs was taking her nap.

Can you tell she was excited? lol
And here is Sam showing off her hard work!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Dancing Sam!

We had the satellite radio on the dance/electronic channel when we heard a remix of Hannah Montana's song Party in the USA. Of course Sam started to dance. ;)

Friday, December 18, 2009

18 months old check up and Christmas fun.

Yesterday, Anaïs had her 18 months old visit with her pediatrician. She is doing good. :)
Here are her stats:
Weight: 19lbs3oz (8,8kg)
Height: 26 1/2 inches (67cm)
Head: 20 1/4 (50cm)
She is right around the 50th percentile on the achondroplasia chart with all these measurements.
Things she likes to do at 18 months: crawl EVERYWHERE, pull herself up, play in her sister's room, wave "bye bye", watch Baby Einstein dvd's, eating raisins and above all: play with my cell phone! lol

Yesterday was a very busy day. After the pediatrician's visit, I went to Sam's classroom's Christmas party. They had a pinata that they got to hit each 3 times while being blindfolded. They were so funny, they were cheering whoever was hitting the pinata with so much passion! lol

Sam's turn! :)

I was very pleasantly surprised when all the candy fell out with how well behaved they all were. I guess the teacher had told them in advance that they should only take 3 pieces of candy each and they did just that, very calmly and respectfully.

Then it was snack time. They had cookies, fruit salad, vegetables, pretzels and milk to drink.

Then, in the evening we had our Christmas LPA event. We went to the magical Christmas forest. We went on a train ride, on a carousel, a big slide and got to see the holiday lights. Anaïs was so hyper the whole time we were there!!

Look at her face, you can just tell how excited she was! LOL
This was on the train ride.

WOW...what a busy day!!!
We leave for Salt Lake tomorrow to spend 2 weeks there. I will update the blog from there. ;)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Children's museum.

Today we took the girls to the children's museum. We hadn't been for so long...probably over a year. It used to not be good at all, but they changed it and it is now better and cleaner. Sam had a blast.

Anaïs and Jeff spent most of the time in the baby area where Anaïs could crawl around and play she really enjoyed it I think.

Sam's favorite part was the pretend grocery store. She loved pretending she was the cashier and I was her customer.

She took her job very seriously.
Here she is making big bubbles:
They had a trivia game about gross stuff the human body does...Jeff and I had more fun than Sam playing it I think! lol
My mom asked me to post more videos of the here is one of Anaïs standing on her high chair. She hates it when we tell her to sit back

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another fun birthday party.

Today was Sam's friend Addy's birthday party. Sam had A LOT of fun. The party was at Little Pastry Chefs so the kids got to make their own pizza and decorate a cake. Anaïs did ok but it was hard for her to not be able to crawl around. Here is a shot of her and I right at the beginning of the party before she got too tired. Here is my little pastry chef, Sam.
Sam and the birthday girl.
Anaïs loves balloons. When I told her to be careful with all those balloons she gave me the worst dirty look! LOL!!
There is no way she was going to miss out on any of the action. She wanted to crawl on the table the whole time.

Finally, she got ahold of a
Good thing Sam shared her pizza with her. Sam is always pretty good at sharing with Anaïs.
Here is Sam frosting her cake.

What a fun party!

Winter Program

Last night Sam had her school winter program. She did really good and we were very excited to go see her perform. Since the kindergarteners are the oldest kids in the school they went last and got to watch the other kids perform. Here is Sam watching the show with her classmates.

Anaïs was very excited to see her sister. ;)

The only bummer was that Sam was standing in the back row behind this big kid so you could barely see her.

Here are a couple videos:

This year was kind of bitter sweet because it's the last time Sam is doing a winter program at this school...This school has been amazing!