Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fun day at Lagoon

We take the girls to Lagoon every year right before Halloween, towards the end of the season to avoid the hot weather and the crowd.
I didn't take a lot of pictures but here is what i have:

I did all the big rides with Sam and I guess I am getting old because I got pretty sick. I used to love roller coasters and big rides, aging is not fun!

School pictures

Anaïs Bray
4 years old

Samantha Bray
3rd Grade
8 years old

Sam's first regional championships.

Sam competed in her first regionals on Friday October 19th at the pre-preliminary level.
She skated beautifully and placed fifth, we are so proud of her!!
Here are pictures of her skating her freestyle program:

Anais' fieldtrip

A couple weeks ago, Anaïs' class went on a field trip to the local fire station. They got to learn about safety first then went on a fun tour of the station.

It was a fun day for Anaïs.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pumpkin painting

Sam and Anaïs picked out their pumpkins and painted them. The love doing this every year.

Love this time of the year!

LPA fall conference

Last week-end we went to Vegas for the LPA fall regional conference. It was so great to see our friends again. All our LPA friends are from Vegas and California so even though we officially live in an other district, District 12 is our home. These are the people that we first connected with after Anaïs was born and they have all become dear friends.
The conference was at the Red Rock Hotel, our old "hang out place" when we lived in Vegas. We even got to enjoy some warm weather and enjoy the pool.

 This picture of us was taken at the Welcome Reception:
 The Vegas chapter organized a Dwarfism awareness race. Jeff ran the 5K and the girl and I did the one mile walk.

 Here is Anaïs about to cross the finish line:

 They also had a raffle and we won a $100 gift card for Amazon.

 Then the last night, we went to the banquet for some dinner, conversation with friends and of course dancing!

Another great LPA conference! Anaïs had a good time and I think it really helped her get a better understanding about what being a little person means. A very positive experience all around!