Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pre-Juvenile moves test

Sam had her Pre-Juvenile moves in the field skating test today and passed!!
This was a stressful test, the moves required are getting harder and the judges get tougher at this level. She (and me too!) was pretty nervous before her test watching the other skaters test.
 She skated well and passed with extra points! Proud of her!!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

What a great Halloween we had this year!! This was the first year Anaïs truly "got" Halloween and really enjoyed it.
First, the girls celebrated Halloween at school with a parade and then the whole school gathered in the gym for some dancing.

 Here is Anaïs and her school principal, the bee keeper and the bee.

 The parade was fun for the kids. What I love about our school is that it is small enough to have the whole school gather (grades preschool through 9th grade) and build a small community where everyone knows and supports each other.

 Third graders, including Sam, giving high fives to the pre-K (Anaïs):
 Then while Sam went back to her classroom to resume regular 3rd grade day, Anaïs' classroom had a party.
 They got to do fun activity like touching slimy things, doing crafts, decorating and eating bagels and reading a Halloween story.

 Then after school, we went to some friends' house to go trick or treating.

 Sam and her friend Anna really enjoyed passing out candy to trick or treaters, maybe even more so than trick or treating.

 After all that work...time to eat their candy :)