Thursday, December 22, 2011

Early Christmas

Well, even if I can't believe it myself we live for our Caribbean vacation in two days!!! I guess Santa must have known because last night he made a special stop by our house. :)
The girls woke up this morning to find out that all their presents were here! Needless to say it was a GREAT surprise!

Bright and early, at 7:00 we were opening gifts...

Sam has been wanting an American Girl doll so bad for a while and was so excited to finally get one.

I think Anaïs' favorite present this year was a remote control Little Pony car.

We are so excited for our vacation!!!!!

Classroom Christmas parties.

Here are pictures from the girls' classroom parties. Both parties were on the same morning, Anaïs' first and then Sam's. Both parties were really fun.
In Anaïs' class they got to make Jingle bracelets, snow globes, and play all kinds of games. They also did a book exchange.

In Sam's class, they got to read a Christmas story, decorate cookies, make a craft and eat pizza. They also did a book exchange.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas tea party

Last Sunday, Sam and I went to the Grand America Hotel with friends of ours for an afternoon of tea and Christmas fun. It was so cute and such a special time! Her and her friend Anna loved it and us moms and a great time too!

These guys used to be in the same class last year and are both figure skaters so they share a special friendship.

Here is my beautiful princess:

Another great memory with my girl! I just love being her mom!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Successful dentist visit.

I took the girls to the dentist the other day and they did so well. It was Anaïs' very fist visit. They both did really good!!!
Anaïs went first and had no fear...guess that's what happens when you go through major surgery before you even turn one...

Sam was a really good big sister and showed Anaïs there was nothing to be afraid of.

100% healthy teeth for my two girls. :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

School book fair.

Yesterday, the girls' school at a parent/child lunch during the book fair...pretty smart way to make you buy books! I enjoyed spending time with them picking out books.

It is always fun to see the girls in their school environment.