Monday, September 26, 2011

Oktoberfest competition.

What a week-end we just had!!!
Sam had her big skating competition. She skated three events, two showcase events which are more entertainment and less skating skills and one "serious" event where she gets judged on her skating skills and technique. She did great all around and even got first place for her important event!! So proud of her, especially because she competed three levels higher than her last competition.
She was so proud to have gotten first.

Her and her coach after hearing the results:

Getting ready for her showcase routine, Strawberry Shortcake:

All dolled up and ready to go:

She placed third for her showcase and got a trophy which was very cool for her!

As her second "entertainment" event she did a duet with another girl on a pirate theme which was really cute. They placed fourth place on that one.

We bought a bunch of pictures from the competition photographer. Here they are:

Strawberry Shortcake Showcase:

Showcase duet, pirate theme:

Freestyle program...this is one one that mattered and she nailed it, first place!

I was very happy for her, she has been working so hard lately, going to the rink pretty much everyday to practice. She wanted this pretty bad!

We are very proud of you Sam and had a great time!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

nothing sweeter...

than reading this letter from Sam... Last night I went to the back to school night at her school and the teacher had the kids write us a letter that they left on their desks for us to read. Needless to say that this letter made my heart melt. Nothing, I mean NOTHING makes a mom's heart swell more than sweet words like these. I love you Sam!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Eating at the grown up table.

We bought Anaïs a booster seat so she could sit at the table with us during dinner instead of her high chair...she IS 3 years old after all! She is loving it and is behaving like a big girl.