Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Too funny!

So tonight Sam said something that was just too cute! Of course the whole thing happened in french but I will do my best to translate it in the most accurate manner. I will write it all down in french first.

Ce soir, Sam m'a dit un truc mignon au moment du dessert:
-MOI: Sam, fermes tes yeux j'ai une surprise pour toi
-SAM: Ok, maman je ferme les yeux
Pendant ce temps, je sors un morceau de chocolat...
-MOI: Vas-y, ouvres les yeux
-SAM: Merci maman, du chocolat!!!
Et puis d'un air très sérieux...
-SAM: Maman, je savais que tu allais me donner du chocolat
-MOI: Ah bon, pourquoi?
-SAM (très sérieuse): Mais maman, parce que je suis ton enfant!

Trop mignon!!

The story in English:
Tonight, right after dinner...
-ME: Close your eyes Sam I have a surprise
-SAM: Ok, mom my eyes are closed
I get a piece of chocolate and tell her
-ME: Ok, go ahead and open your eyes
-SAM:Oh, chocolate, thank you mom!!!
And then she gets VERY serious...
-SAM: Mom, I knew you were going to give me chocolate
-ME: really, how did you know?
-SAM (extremely serious): because I am your child.

I thought that was too funny!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A bientôt maman!

Un petit mot en français pour ma mère...
Maman, merci d'être venue nous rendre visite, on a passé de très bons moments en ta compagnie. Sam et Anaïs étaient super contentes de te voir et tu nous manques déjà! Sam veut pas aller au lit toute seule ce soir!
Il nous tarde que tu reviennes et nous espérons que ton voyage se déroulera bien.

Sorry everyone about the french, I just wanted to write a little message for my mom. :)
She left today and I have to say that we had so much fun with her here. I always have a great time when I'm with my mom! She loved spending time with the girls and I could tell she was so sad to say goodbye to them. She might come to the LPA convention in New-York with us, we'll see if she can get time off from work.
Anyway, we had a really good Christmas and Sam and Anaïs got so many presents!!
We celebrate Christmas the "french way", or at least the way we did when I was a kid. We eat a big meal on Christmas eve and Santa comes right after and the kids can open their presents. Sam was so cute, when she saw all the presents, the first thing she wanted to do was to give us the present she had made for us at school. She insisted on giving it to us before she even got to look at her own presents, she has such a good heart and I am so incredibly proud of her!!!
She made us a cute little picture frame and place mats. She decided to give the frame to my mom so she could bring it back to France and show it to Alizée, her cousin.
She was SO excited to get a kitchen, she had been wanting one for such a long time!

Anaïs went to bed early on Christmas eve but she ate her holiday dinner too: carrots! She really liked them.
Sam gave her one present that night and then we saved all her other ones for the morning. She actually really enjoy getting new toys! She was laughing and kicking like crazy!

She had fun trying out this new toy!
Also, here is a video of Anaïs playing and talking. PLEASE TURN OFF THE MUSIC AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE BEFORE VIEWING THE VIDEO. :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our week-end!

On Saturday night, we went bowling at the Red Rock hotel/casino. Every Saturday night they have cosmic bowling, with all the lights, so it was extra fun!
Sam loves bowling and she is actually pretty good at it...better than me! LOL I am not sure if Sam and my mom had more fun bowling or eating fries!

Anaïs was pretty tired that night, but overall she did ok. I think she enjoyed looking at all the lights but the loud music was probably a little too much for her.

Today (Sunday), we went to see the Christmas garden at the Bellagio Hotel. It was pretty crowded there!

After that, we took a little walk on the strip and watched the famous Bellagio fountains, my mom never gets tired of seeing them!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Magical Forest

Every year in Las Vegas, Opportunity village organizes a Magical Forest around Christmas. It is such a wonderful event for the entire family, it is really pretty and lots of fun. It is also for a great cause! Opportunity Village is a non-profit organization that serves people with intellectual disabilities by providing them with vocational training, employment and social recreation services that make their lives more productive and interesting.
My mom, Sam and I went and Jeff and Anaïs stayed home because it was WAY too cold for Anaïs to be outside at night! We went on a train ride, walked through the magical forest, went to the carousel and on some huge slides...although my mom chickened out for the slides! LOL

I also baked a cake for Sam's class at school. We were supposed to be a little presentation about France, but her school was closed that day so we just brought the cake on Friday so the kids could eat it for snack time.

I also wanted to show off Sam's Christmas art work she did at school, it is very cute!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow in Vegas!!

Yep, can you believe it? It snowed all day today and it was so much fun to see snow here in Vegas!
Sam loved it and wanted to play outside.

Here is my mom hanging out with Anaïs. Her and the kids have been having such a good time together. My mom is so good with them, she loves playing with Sam and taking care of Anaïs.

Also, Saturday night Jeff and I went to a Holiday Party with our friends...and there was lots of fun and drinking there! LOL!!

Like I said...fun and drinking! LOL
My mom and I have been pretty busy since she got here...mainly Christmas shopping. I am so excited for Christmas, I think Sam will be so excited with her presents. On the other hand Anaïs probably won't care! LOL

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Anaïs at 6 months old

Anaïs had her 6 months old check-up at the pediatrician last Monday, here are her measurements:
Weight: 12.3 lbs (5 kg 600)
Height: 23 inches (58,4 cm)
Head: 17 1/2 inches (44, 5 cm)

She also got her shots and a flu shot. She is doing very well.
She is right in the 50th percentile on the achondroplasia chart for length, around the 30th percentile for head size and 25th percentile for weight.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Anaïs' first time...

eating solid foods! She had rice cereal for the first time today! She did really good and she was SO full afterwards! LOL
Of course, Sam wanted to help and did a good job at it, she fed Anaïs and thought the whole thing was so exciting!
Here is Sam showing Anaïs how to open her mouth.

I am planning on giving her rice cereal for about 2 weeks and if she does well with it, I will start giving her some vegetables. WOW...she's growing!

Monday, December 8, 2008

We're back!!

We got back from Utah yesterday and let me just say this: it's feels so good to be home! We had a fun week there though. I took the kids to see Santa at the mall and of course Sam told him about all the Barbie stuff she wants! LOL

I took this picture of Sam playing outside, could she be any more beautiful?? My princess is so pretty. :)
That afternoon, Sam, Anaïs and I had fun taking pictures! They were both in a very good mood so of course I had to take advantage of that and pull out the camera. Anaïs kept on trying to eat Sam's face, she was so funny and Sam loved every minute of it!

We also went on the Polar Express with some friends from Vegas who happened to be taking a vacation in Park City for the week-end. It was pretty cool to get to see them! The Polar Express was so cute. They had elves serving hot chocolate and cookies and read the Polar Express story. Also, the kids got a chance to tell jokes to the whole train car. Sam had NEVER told a joke in her entire life and didn't know any but she insisted on grabbing the microphone to tell one. Jeff and I were like "what is she going to say? She doesn't know any jokes!"
Well...Sam just decided to go ahead and make up a joke!!! LOL She actually told 2 jokes, here they are:
1) "Why does the hippo have snow on her head? Because it's snowing!"
2) "Knock Knock, who's there? Apple. Apple who? Apple train!"
Yep I know...they don't make much sense but I thought it was so freaking cute!!

Then Santa came on the train!!!! That was for sure the highlight of the night for Sam. Look at her face...I took this picture when Santa appeared and she was waving Hi to him. I love the look on her face: PURE JOY!

A couple days after that, we went on an amazing sleigh ride, it was SO cool!!! We didn't take Anaïs because it was too cold for her so she stayed with Jeff's mom.

So now you all know about our busy week! This holiday season has been non-stop! This coming Friday Sam has her Christmas Program at school and then my mom gets in at midnight on that same night. She is coming from France to spend 2 weeks here with us. I can't imagine spending Christmas without my mom, we are so close! I am very excited to have her here and I know she can't wait to see the girls. Last time she was here was for Anaïs' birth, 6 months ago.
Also, on a different note, we officially paid our registration fee and hotel for the LPA conference. We got an email from LPA saying that due to high demand we should get an email from the hotel to confirm our reservation within the next couple days...I hope everything will work out ok, I would hate not being able to stay at that hotel.